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Paper drums

Our square fibre drum is specifically designed to cut costs and protect the environment. Our ‘All-fibre drum’ consists of Kraftliner and can be disposed of as high-end renewable waste paper. As such, it is the ideal replacement of the more conventional round fibre drum.

Our cardboard drums are used for packaging in chemical, pharmaceutical, and alimentary industries, and fulfill the requirements of the highest UN-certificate, Class X.

Logistical advantages of square drums

Square fibre drums have many logistical advantages when compared to the well-known round fibre drum. Square drums enable you to use space more efficiently in the warehouse and during transport. You can save up to 50% of space, which ultimately results in significant cost savings. This type of drum also enables you to use the vertical space in the warehouse optimally.

Environmental advantages of square drums

Unlike conventional drums, our square paper drums can be disposed of as high-end recyclable material through the waste paper flow. Moreover, we use replanted trees as our raw material. As such, a square drum is a CO2-neutral product.

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More information about our drums?

Ons sister company Carré Karton produces these fibre drums. Please visit our website for more information about this specific product, or contact Carré Karton directly via phone or e-mail. +31 78 673 4333

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