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3D filament reels

Are you looking for a sustainable spool for the filament of your 3D printer? ENR produces the most sustainable and ecological paper reel for 3D filament. The paper spool can be adapted entirely to the customers’ needs and is especially designed to perform under extreme temperatures.

Sustainable 3D filament spools

We are proud to say that our paper reels for 3D filament are the most sustainable alternative on the market. Our paper spools have a 100 % closed production cycle. In comparison to non-recyclable plastic spools our cardboard reels are made of 100 % paper fibres. This makes the paper reel completely recyclable and therefore supremely sustainable!

What makes this product even more sustainable? The paper fibres of the paper spools can be recycled for about 20 times. Furthermore for every tree that is used in the production process, a new tree is planted. This causes a lower CO2 emission and we make use of a inexhaustible natural resource.

Custom-made paper reels for 3D printers

Our cardboard spools can be adjusted to the specific requirements of our customer. We produce paper spools for 3D printers in different sizes. And we can deliver the paper reels in a standard brown colour, but it is also possible to personalise your reel. We can place a special print or your label on the reel.

Spools for extreme temperatures

The 3D filament spools are designed with a special purpose. They can be used under extreme circumstances. When filament is heated before use in the printer, our spool will stay in tact up to a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our sustainable spools for 3D printer filament!